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The moon shining in the heavens
Thrice great
The beautiful
Prudent of heart
Who brings the Wedjat-eye
Who accomplishes truth
Who does what the goddesses love
Who distinguishes seasons, months and years
Who ends the strife
Mighty in his words
Orderer of fate
Sound of heart
Sound of hand
Judge of Ma'at

Just a handful of the epithets of Djehuty! Djehuty (Thoth) is one of the oldest Ancient Egyptian gods, associated with magic, the moon, writing, the calendar, government, judgment of the dead, advising and protecting the other gods...among other things. A very busy god. His animals are the ibis and the baboon; he can appear as either of those, or a human, or an ibis-headed man. For Milliways purposes he might attempt to pass for human, but your basic ibis-headed man in a kilt is his default.

Djehuty is from the Ancient Egyptian pantheon, and I'm just roleplaying him for [community profile] milliways_bar. I realize that using historical gods in creative enterprises is a potentially tricky thing; feel free to contact me through messages here. The player is [personal profile] needsmoreresearch.

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