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Oooh ooh AU week!

For the sake of AU week, Djehuty will be appearing as his alter-ego from an old LJ-based high school AU game. He is now Mr. Tetu, who teaches art at Middle Area High School, in Middle Area, PA. A very ordinary sort of central-Pennsylvania town, except for the vampire history teachers, the were-hyenas, the mysterious-government-science-experiment students, the time the school descended into Silent Hill, the witches, you know.

Mr. Tetu is a ridiculous stoner hippie (despite it being 2015 2016 2017) who is an avatar of the god Thoth, summoned to protect the students from the various inexplicable and horrifying forces around them. He is ordinarily bound to the school grounds, though sometimes he can open a portal to a nice Ancient-Egyptian-afterlife-style magical garden in the art room closet. When that's not working, he sleeps in his VW bus. Of course he has a VW bus.

He smokes a lot of pot and a lot of cigarettes, drinks a lot of everything, somehow has a driver's license listing him as Thutmose Tetu even though he can't drive, has minor magical abilities (warding off and casting out malign forces is his specialty), is immortal (one time little mousy teenage Jonathan Crane/baby Scarecrow killed him but he got better), and is entirely benign in every way.

He has two cockatiels, Ren and Shwt. He loves them very much.


Jun. 18th, 2015 06:41 pm
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"...And of trees, of course I have the doum palm, which is dear to me, and the date and the dellach palms; the persea and the fig-sycamore; the almond and the carob; the acacia and the pomegranate. You will not see the ished-tree itself, for that is not kept in my little garden. But I think you will like what you do see, it is shady and quiet..."

As they step from the Milliways library through the door to Djehuty's mansion, he absent-mindedly takes his more usual form. On the other side lies a stone-floored hallway, warm and dry. A baboon greets them with a reverent gesture and begins to make a report to Djehuty--and of course there's no Milliways to translate. But after Djehuty nods to the baboon and makes a brief reply, he switches to French. He's made a quick study.

"This is my home--welcome, Jehan Prouvaire, Beloved of Bast. We are still in the afterlife, in the Duat, and there are many dead here, many gods and many fearsome things, but no one will disturb us in the garden but my ibises."


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